Welcome to the Valetas campaign website! I’ll be using this as my primary campaign organizational tool from now on — check the wiki for up-to-date world info, and the adventure log for session summaries as we go. You guys should be able to update these pages too, if there’s something I’ve missed, or if you want to coordinate plans or theories or something. (Oh, and speaking of which — if you could, please update your Character Records (filter by ‘PC’) with backstory/personality/etc info that’s common knowledge to everyone.)

(In case you’re concerned, there are guards for “DM only” info, so don’t worry about spoilers; nothing you can view is secret knowledge, but if you don’t think your characters would know tons of details on, for instance, history, don’t bother reading pages about history.)

Our campaign will be starting in Tasden, the capital city of the sprawling Astherian empire. The introductory session will be on Monday the 12th at 6:30pm – this is intended to get you comfortable with the mechanics, your character, and a bit of the world around you, and ideally start out with some plot. After this, regular sessions will be Thursday afternoons starting at 2pm.

See you all then!