Extraordinarily optimistic and well-meaning mage


Raelynn floats through life in a flurry of grace, charm, and good nature. His apparently effortless determination to see the best in everyone and everything is either evidence of amazing strength of character, or complete obliviousness to the world around him.

He’s always eager to help people and has the ability to win the favour of even the most disagreeable strangers. This talent causes him to make friends in unlikely places, which appears to be his greatest pleasure. He enjoys simple domestic chores and very rarely accidentally sets innocent homes ablaze (It was one time, guys, and he’s so so sorry.)

Raelynn is a considerably capable mage. He is on occasion prone to displaying surprising skills or knowledge, that sometimes seem to confuse even him. But his polite aversion to sharing information about his past and experiences led to most of his story remaining a mystery to the group.


Circus Raelynn was totally a thing. His troupe would often get mistaken for Randini’s Travelling Circus, especially in smaller towns, even though they were significantly smaller and less professional. Also, Raelynn was the only magical member of his troupe, and all of Randini’s troupers were magical).



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