Shy, paranoid bard


Tall, strong, and bulky, Talm would be extremely physically intimidating if not for a constant slouch and closed-in body language that make her seem much smaller than she is. Her features are square and androgenously well-defined, and she maneuvers herself with a graceless economy of movement that speaks to a childhood spent hunting.

Talm has medium brown skin with grey-green undertones and dark green eyes that look almost black in most lights. She owns one set of durable but battered clothing which Annalyn bought for her when they arrived in Tasden; a pair of loose trousers which she keeps tucked into her boots, and a long sleeved grey shirt. She is rarely seen without armour.

She doesn’t like to talk about her past, other than that she is not from around here, and that she met Annalyn when the druid found her bleeding out in the woods north of Tasden, and credits her for saving her life.

She recently admitted to Annalyn and Raelyn that she is in fact from Baegrim, on the Western edge (bordering the Northern Hills). On a raid into the orcish tribes, she met and befriended a young orcish girl, Sherani, who believed there used to be an old orcish empire (she had found ruins of it).



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