Clues and Questions

Ophecine items


- discovered magic wolves and Cali
- discovered Cali’s ritual
- called in the conclave
- the ritual did not come from the forest
- Cali’s mode of finding the ritual sounds like mind-affecting magic
- gather rumours about mind-affecting magic:
– - Mian
– - illegal research at University of Tasden
– - the Diggers have been steal peeps


- crafter in guild hall
- cast Charm Person
- blindingly bright flash of magic … and then he fell still

- faint trail from house, masked by magic. trail lead to buried notes N of tasden


- what if the people who were not super existing, that was a side effect not the intended effect, what if they were a power source in a ritual and that’s why they got squashy.

ritual power sources from people
could eat ability to think, be a person, can eat aura, can eat ability to go to the afterlife

when mian was read, it showed magic explosion but NOT charm person, which means that someone was hiding that on purpose

druid / wolf army / ritual

mind control etc:
mien / mien’s house

thieves’ drop site, thieves’ network
2 hidden trapdoor areas
gross creature thing

merchants such as bonte
the baron
bonte et co drop site

Recent happenings

Tuveshian god warns Bartooke:
someone is gaining the right knowledge to potentially break the world

Bonte drop point sting
they discovered we were there, mind control from a secret area under the floor, we caught the guy

- magic is weird and has enchantments!

Clues and Questions

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