Recent News


  • A large group of affiliated weapon merchants in Tasden has been arrested for smuggling and fraud, as well as a number of “less-savoury” charges (tactics to maintain their foothold on the market.) Since their arrest, the price of authentic Luvian weaponry has been dropping dramatically.


  • Militia recruitment efforts for Hills-duty in Sarno have been escalating, as orcish raids on Astherian border towns continue to get increasingly close to major human population centres.
  • A magical plague has erupted in a small town just west of Loring, which allegedly makes the afflicted much more aggressive and numbed to pain, eventually falling into a complete mindless rage. (Conclave Arcanists are working to contain the problem.)


  • The Dari military, which has traditionally spurned the systematic or large-scale reliance on magic among their members, has been rumoured to be training warcasters in Ixen. Darishyn is not officially involved in any ongoing conflict, although given that the nation has never made a secret of its massive disdain for / hostility towards Astherel, speculation is rampant. Dari officials continue to deny all reports.
  • In these weeks before an upcoming major religious festival, a Tuvessan Marqui near Celtan — who has already mandated worship of Jeneila (goddess of nature) across his entire march — has been putting pressure on lower-level Viscounts outside his march to promote Jeneila-worship in their districts as well. Several Marquis have been clashing over the validity / legitimacy of such tactics.
  • Fewer Baegrish merchant caravans have been making their way south to Astherel, as the nation moves towards increasing self-sufficiency.

Recent News

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