Session 16

Runes Outside Baegrim

Sep 12-13, 253AC

Talm and Annalyn got dragged to the regions’ Keeper, the woman in charge of the local conscripted forces under the Baron. Her name was Bartooke, and she’s a dwarven fighter who holds the conscripts in a very low regard. Upon seeing that the amulet contained runes, she freaked out — Runic Magic isn’t supposed to exist outside of Baegrim, and as a dwarf, she felt responsible for tracking down the source of the leak.

She filled the group in on a bit more info — for one, the blue crystals are completely inert on their own, and are occasionally used in jewelry and such, but are a necessary component of runesmithing.

Found out that the man who had taken the note from the merchant (that you’d then followed to the tavern), later met up with a woman who he left with. On top of that, said woman was seen with the merchant at the stables, when he / his caravan first arrived in the city.

Talm also managed to decrypt the cipher in the note the merchant passed to said man:

(description of annalyn and talm.)
these two aren’t any of ours, and they know way too much. not sure how, but they know about nymdra, now about the baron, and about the artifacts. and i fucking sold them one. gods, i hope i didn’t just sign our death warrants. who even are these people?
the baron can go fuck himself, don’t care about him — but if they manage to track down the sellers through us, we’re dead yesterday. and not quick or clean, either — i’ve seen some of the shit those fuckers can do, and it’s… well, let’s just make sure it doesn’t come to that. i mean i’m sure they were just trying to intimidate me into taking their secrets seriously, but damn did it ever work.
looks like we need to do some damage control. meet me at (location), tomorrow at midnight. get pendys to come, and taleno too if you can find him.
we never should have taken this job in the first place. should have known the money was too good for things to go smooth.

(Pendys is a gender-neutral name, while Taleno is masculine.)

The three decided to get to said meeting point before the meetup, and hide nearby to overhear any discussion. Bartooke had her own stop to make beforehand, so Talm and Annalyn went straight there to scout out the area before Bartooke was to arrive later.


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