Session 8

Investigating Mian, + Cali's Ritual

Aug 29, 253AC


  • Investigated what Mian had interacted with
  • His workbench: took three in-progress daggers (which seem to have — if finished — inlaid patterns to extend magic cast on them); also, some of the clutter seemed a bit fake / intentionally arranged
  • Gemstone working room: took a pouch of powder / shavings from a purple gem he was working with
  • Odd metal inlaying room: couldn’t investigate in detail b/c occupied

People who knew him

  • Colleague at the guildhall: he had been working weird hours lately, despite being mostly predictable/steady for years before
  • Merchant: sees him rarely (1/month), due to see him again soonish (~1wk), design on daggers seemed consistent with his usual style (which was, to be fair, to be quite unique/different each month)
  • Neighbour: he has always been a bit odd / antisocial, didn’t notice different behaviour lately, his wife came down with an illness a few months back and she hasn’t seen her since then (“bedridden, I assume?”)

Mian’s house

  • Seemed largely unoccupied (dust-covered)
  • Recently travelled areas include the ice box / food storage area (but not the cooking hearth), a chair in the front room, ~ish on the bedroom
  • Signs of abandonment: half-finished puzzle covered in a thin layer of dust, dead plants, etc
  • Abjuration field encompassing property
  • Very well hidden (secret compartment under bed), was a weird artifact thing…

The weird artifact thing

  • Smooth blue crystalline sphere covered in intricate gold filigree / markings
  • Radiating multiple types of magic, but in an odd / pulsating manner… not like normal magic
    —> Jaccobux identified the fields as several layers of each of divination, enchantment, and abjuration, with overtones of transmutation and illusion
  • When moved, the fields overlap in odd ways, causing the air around it to shimmer/pulsate briefly until it stabilizes in its new location
  • Talm has been making sure noone touches it directly (only with mage hand)

Jaccobux’s theories on Mian

  • Alive person = spirit + body + life essence. Dead person = body only. Ghost = spirit only. Maybe this is body + life essence? (But how would you even manage that without killing the person outright?) Perhaps the spirit was removed somehow, then the body was possessed by someone else, then at the flash of magic, the secondary spirit peaced out?
  • Golem = constructed entity that a lone spirit can possess. They exist, but are crude and obvious (big clunky things with crazy magical markings all over them, very limited abilities). Possible that someone figured out how to make golem 2.0 that had enough finesse to pass for an actual person, then had a spirit possess that temporarily — wouldn’t require weird spirit exorcism-y magics, but would require crazy golem construction-y artificing and/or magic

Observing Cali’s ritual

  • Magical copy of the tome revealed, in descending order of strength, conjuration / divination / enchantment
  • Raelynn understood large parts of the ritual (in vague detail… “sending the energy from the source to the target in sorta this way”) despite not understanding the language, due to inherent magic of the tome
  • Some ideas to mull over, more research into rituals will help


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