Campaign Quotes

“I’ve met you for more than 5 minutes, which means I trust you all with my life.”


“What are we going to do if they start attacking us?”
(in unison):
- “Uh…”
- “Run.”
- “Cry.”

- Annalyn / Talm / Raelynn

“It’s really easy for people to be friendly towards you when they need something from you and they don’t consider you a threat.”
“…Yes. But I mean that in the exact opposite way than you did.”


“Oh, he’s dead. Like, really dead. I thought that was obvious.”
“Most of the dead I’m acquainted with haven’t been quite so… luminescent.”


“No, you’ll convince her through the magic of intercourse!”
“I seduce you with my body and also these cue cards that describe why you shouldn’t burn down a city…”

- Katherine/Paloma

“Cutting down a few trees is nothing compared to cutting down a third of a forest. It’s rather like getting a trim, instead of…”
“…getting your head cut off.”

- Paloma/Katherine

“Can I pep talk the forest?” [Later:] “Your arm is gone, and that’s not changing. But we can give you a really badass tentacle.”

- Annalyn


- Talm and Raelynn as Annalyn’s internal voices, when hearing about how Cali felt “called” to the ritual

“They’re completely untrustworthy scoundrels who only haven’t stabbed us because they need our help.”
“That’s true, but they liked my pie, and they seemed quite nice.”
I trust ’em.”

-Talm/Annalyn/Raelynn, on Jethir and Kit

“Alright, what do you want?”
“Seventeen more pomegranates.”
“You’re REALLY bad at this, my friend.”

-Kit/Annalyn/Kit, on discussing payment

“…and by that I mean we want her to be happy, because we’re magically addicted to her.”
cheerfully “I’m like a drug!”

- Jethir / Paloma

“You stole this horse, didn’t you?”
“No comment.” / “Yes.”

- Annalyn / Jethir and Kit, simultaneously

“Why don’t you turn into a mouse now? Scope out the place?”
“Or, I could do it later, and listen in on their meeting.”
“Oooh. Good call.”
“Waiting! It’s one of Annalyn’s best skills.”

- Talm / Annalyn / Talm / Paloma

“I’m sorry, Message does not transmit face nuzzles.”

- Jess / Paloma

“How do I keep getting involved in these conspiracies? Is this just my life now?”
“Kind of, probably, yeah.”

- Talm / Annalyn

“Just… don’t hurt them.”
“What? I can cure them after! They’ll be fine.”

- Talm (to Bartooke) / Annalyn / Talm / Annalyn, on the possibility of torturing info out of people

The Pie Of Fear
- “This is the most delicious pie you will eat for the rest of your life. Take that as you will.”
- “Don’t worry about poison. If we wanted you dead, there would be easier ways.”
- “You’d better eat this pie, and enjoy it. If you don’t, we’ll know.”

- Everyone

“I’m still naked.”
“You’re not naked, you’re just wearing clothes instead of armor.”
“…yeah, that’s naked.”


“Was that Bonte’s pack we had?”
“So, I’m up, what, two talents? Three talents?”


“Now, I’m short on trust at the best of times, but…”


“Not that I’m agreeing with Bartooke, but what do you foresee us needing his arms for?”


“I can’t be involved in killing someone!”
(cheerfully) “You don’t have to, you can turn around.”


“See, I think you think I’m an idiot, but in completely different ways than I actually am.”


“Your damn foreign tongue doesn’t have the words I need.”
“Oh, what language do you speak?”
“A truer one than any you will ever know.”
“So… not Surkanese.”

- Captured lady / Teris

Campaign Quotes

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